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Monday July 21st:
It's unfortunate, but PAW will no longer be showing pick summaries of each event. For me, it is actually more work that you might think. Especially that I am doing it manually, nevertheless it seemed to be fine during the Modena Challenger, so I just urge you to always check the number of your picks. It really shouldn't be that hard.
On a brighter note, rankings after the Modena Challenger can be seen here and also a FED CUP QF summary including the league table can be seen here. Bye for now,
Monday July 14th:
You can view a tournament summary/final league table of Palermo here. Some players have sent in their PAW player profile, and everyone is encouraged to do so, go here for more details. THE RANKINGS after Palermo ARE NOW AVAILABLE, please see them here.
Friday July 11th:
Next week is the Federation Cup, but because there is no rankings points on offer, players may also choose to enter the 50K MODENA Challenger, where ranking points will be available. You can play by going to this thread. There will be several challenger tournaments throughout the year, which will clash with normal WTA tournaments, but players will only be able to play ONE tournaments/challenger each week.
Also, for challenger tournaments, Marco Barella will be organising the league table, picks and scoring points. You will NOT be able to see scoring points for challengers on this site, but by going to the particular thread in the challenger forum. I hope this is making PAW more fun and enjoyable for you.
Also a note For players who e-mail their picks, please e-mail to , as well as , because it is more convenient for marcobarella to complete the league table.
Sunday July 6th:

Congradulations to aussie_stars on your first title and GRAND SLAM title, see a full summary and the final league table here. Also, the rankings after PAW Wimbledon are now out, we all head to Palmero next week, scoring points are available on the home page, also the title page has updated. Keep posting your Fed Cup commitments, 12 countries have committed so far, just a minimum of one player is needed per country. Post entries here.
Tuesday July 1st:
Some of you have numbered your picks incorrectly, so please see the Pick Summary for confirmation. Also, Marcobarella has access to all the past ranking points and will be responsible for the rankings which come out on the coming Sunday. Stay tuned for the second week!
Saturday June 28th:
Keep the posting your picks! No major annoucements today. :)
Friday June 27th:
The PAW game runs nicely after the second round and thankfully there has been no rain so far at Wimbledon. The higher ranked players have been performing well and is the same case for the PAW game. Marcobarella and myself have enjoyed our hard work thus far and as long as it is rewarding, we will continue to do it until Simon gives a request to re-run HIS game.

I urge you all to check the
Pick Summary, most of you are numbering your picks perfectly but there are some who have skipped picks. So,
Jeff - (Don't forget to post a PAW8)
Sashta LixFe - (Don't forget to post a PAW5)
ktwtennis (I renumered your picks, please check the pick summary)
butch - (Don't forget to post a PAW1)
Aimerent - (Don't forget to post a PAW8 and PAW9)
silent140 - (Don't forget to post a PAW21)
Also, day four saw lots of points being picked up with quite a few big pointers (with Pierce, Sharapova, Kapros, Molik etc winning). That's it for now and keep checking the annoucements page . :)
Thursday June 26th:
Buitenzorg has taken the lead from korben after three days of play at Wimbledon so far. The PAW game is rolling on nicely, however there were a few players who posted their picks during or after some matches have finished. So,
Silent140 (PLEASE POST A REPLACEMENT PAW 21, PAW 22, PAW 23 and PAW 24)
In advance, I'll also let you know that a PAW Fed Cup compediton where players wil be divided into their respective countries will occur after Wimbledon, but we need a limit of two players for each country. However, details will come over the next few days. As for now, enjoy Wimbledon day 4 :)
Wednesday June 25th:
Okay, I have updated the league table and the pick summary, but I have not had time to check over the points in the league table. So if you feel there is an error in your score, do not hesitate to e-mail me at and I'll gratefully fix it up.
I am about to put up the second round top half scoring points, that's for now!
Tuesday June 24th:
Thanks to marcobarella for helping with the league table, I just fixed a few bits and it is now available on the home page. The first day of Wimbledon was a successful one but the lack of upsets meant a slow start for most PAW compeditors.
danielrosario  - (PLEASE POST A REPLACEMENT PAW11)
No players posted their picks after the cut-of time with saved a lot of hassles. I would like to continue encouraging players to check the pick summary on this website, to keep up to date with their pick numbering. So far we have had no troubles!
Also, great news that we now have nine of the top ten PAW players entered in Wimbledon, after WTA Handicapper and petosp posted their picks. It's great to see that we haven't lost any familiar names.
Just to let you guys know, the scoring points for the second round top half of the draw will not be available until early Wednesday.
That's it for now,
Monday June 23rd:

The second round scoring points will not be up until Tuesday, however you actually can access the points for the possible matches here
I have done this in advance, so post your second round picks whenever you can!
For now, I have to let some players know:
Thank you,
Also good news that Polish World No 1 Wojtek and World No 3 Jakub have officially entered adding to the already strong field. Matches are about to start soon, can't wait ;)
Friday June 20th:

Well it looks like Simon isn't able to continue the PAW game temporarily, so with his kind permission, this page will serve through the PAW tournaments for scoring points and league tables, until Simon installs a more efficient system to run the game. Rankings, past winners etc... will be updated in the not too distant future.
The first week of Wimbledon will be busy last week for me at school, but with marcobarella's help hopefully we can manage. As you can see, I've designed this page, similiar to Simon's. You should be able to see links on the front page to Annoucements, Pick Summary and Tournament Scoring Points.

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