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Alicia Molik Online


2003 Results
About the Webmaster
About the Webmaster

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I've always wanted to dedicate a site on my favourite player - Alicia Molik, but now I figured out I have the time to put in the effort. I hope this site will keep growing because I see that Alicia has tremendous potential.

My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: Kasey Chambers
Favorite TV show: Who Dares Wins!
Favorite movie: Titanic
Favorite book: From Fear to Victory
Favorite sports team: Australian Fed Cup Team
Favorite food: Chicken Wings

My Hobbies

A typical ideal day can be described by waking up late, having a yummy and healthy brunch, spending a few hours surfing the net on tennis news and results, doing something phyiscal - playing tennis, going to the gym or jogging, then watching bits of TV, doing homework and then peacing out.

Most Admired

Monica Seles and Nelson Mandela

Webmaster's note: A full profile of the Webmaster will be available by the 4th of June, so stay tuned :)

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