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I've always wanted to dedicate a site on my favourite player - Alicia Molik, but now I figured out I have the time to put in the effort. I hope this site will keep growing because I see that Alicia has tremendous potential.



Date: 26/5/03
Alicia will face 15th seed Magdalena Maleeva in the first round of the French Open. Gamebookers, have both players at 1.75 chance to win this match, so this is clearly a 50-50 battle. Maleeva isn't in the best form lately, having lost recent matches on clay to Pisnik, Chladkova and Parra. Molik also has been a bit rusty in her last match against Gagliardi in Madrid. Nevertheless, she has high expectations of herself, and if this match is another chance to gain big quality points and perhaps advance to the round of 16 of a Grand Slam for the first time. You can find the draw at the, Molik is on the very bottom eight of the draw. Again, we're sorry a preview wasn't available, but what's more important is cheering Alicia to win this winnable first round match (n.b: Alicia beat Maleeva at the 2001 US Open R2, where she also was the No 15 seed). BEST OF LUCK, ALICIA!!!! :) 
Date: 20th May 2003
Sorry to bring you bad news, but Alicia was surprisingly upset by Gagliardi 6-2, 6-4 today in Madrid. Don't lose faith guys, Alicia now knows what is ahead of her at Roland Garros :)
Date: 20th May 2003
Alicia's qualifying opponant will be Emmanuelle Gagliardi of Switzerland, actually the highest ranked player to make it through qualifying. Nevertheless, this Swiss girl has not made exceptional performances on clay unlike hardcourt, which is her favourite surface. The match will be played on court 6 tonight Australian time, it will be the third match followed by the Castano vs Widjaja battle. According to game bookers, Alicia is the favourite, with odds of 1.45 compared to Gagliardi's 2.45, best of luck for Alicia in her match! :)
P.S Apoligises for the Madrid Preview not being available, these few days have been very busy but I PROMISE a French Open Preview will be available soon.
Date: 19th May 2003
I have some very good news for you indeed, Alicia has been handed a very nice draw for Madrid.  First up she has a qualifier, which may indeed by more difficult than her second round opponant - No 2 seed Alexandra Stevenson, who has been slumping this year and has had unnotable performances on red clay. The draw provides Alicia an opportunity to gain confidence, wins and big ranking points. :) To see the draw please click on the draw link, to your left.
Date: 18th May 2003
Alicia will be appearing after a long break, to the Madrid open this week. She occupied the last spot on the commitment list. She has second round points to defend, however we believe Alicia can totally better that performance this time

Date: 18th May
Hi, I'm Aidan, many may know me as 'SpikeyAidanm' on WtaWorld or 'Aidanm' on tennisrulz forums, I am planning to start an Alicia Molik Website :)


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